Julia Rubien is a Los Angeles native, where she grew up in the beach communities. Here, in a vibrant city home to a thriving influencer scene, she cultivated an appreciation for the lifestyle industry deeply rooted within the current digital and editorial landscape.


After graduating Cum Laude from UCLA with degrees in Communication and Entrepreneurship, Julia studied brand voice at branding agency Siegel + Gale, before joining Kayo Body Care and CEO Christine Bullock as Social Content Director. Here, Julia quickly realized the impact social media has on the future of direct-to-consumer advertising.

As a gifted writer and brand strategist, Julia has agency and in-house experience working side-by-side with some of the most influential women in her industry.


She launched Julia Rubien Consulting to personally guide influencers and retailers alike, helping them amplify their messages to build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with their audiences.


She works closely with her clients to close the gap between our understanding of social media as a powerful marketing tool and our ability to capitalize on its full potentialHer mission is simple— to share unforgettable stories that connect people to people.​


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